Grade2 Titanium Coiled Sheet

Grade2 Titanium Coiled Sheet
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Description of Grade2 Titanium Coiled Sheet:

  Baoji Chuangxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and do international trading from 2008. As business capacity improves, the amount of export increased rapidly and only one company can't meet our demands. Then our new company -- Shaanxi CXMET Technology Co., Ltd. established from 2016, which company mainly do the international trading.


  CXMET produces cold rolled and annealed, sheet, coil and strip in all titanium grades required for the construction of titanium process equipment. 

  Material is produced to customer order requirements with a maximum width of 49.2” (1250mm) for sheet thickness ranging from .016” (0.41mm) up to .1874” (4.76mm). 

  Industrial Titanium sheet, coil and strip are supplied in accordance with ASTM, ASME standards in Grade1, Grade2, Grade4, Grade7 and Grade23. 

  Processing for Grade2 Titanium Coiled Sheet

titanium blank

The raw material -- titanium blank

titanium plate (13)

Hot-rolled titanium plate 

titanium plate (8)

Cold-rolled titanium sheet 

Titanium foil  (4)

Titanium coiled sheet 

  Titanium plate mainly for hot-rolled plate, they are for thick plate. 

  Titanium sheet mainly for cold-rolled sheet, they are for thin sheet. 

  More thinner sheet could be coiled as a roll, the mainly width is 1219mm, and 1500mm, they could be cut as your length. Also could be cut as what you need the width. 

  CXMET welcom any of customized orders. More details please contact with

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