Titanium Sheet Craniectomy For Rare Large Craniofacial Tumors

Mr. Zhang from hangzhou for head parts are tumor invasion, more doctor, three Po brain hospital, capital medical university professor roderick woo, led the medical team had four times five months for patients with surgery, resection of the tumor and the destruction of the skull, and accounts for two-thirds the whole skull area of huge titanium sheet repaired the defect of skull, save the patient life, were now Mr. Zhang has been improved.

In 2008, Mr. Zhang developed swelling in the right eye and found tumor in the anterior skull base. He visited several famous hospitals in south China and received tumor resection and radiotherapy twice. However, his condition did not get better and continued to deteriorate. Over the years, the ball in his right eye gradually became prominent, swollen and dry, and his vision in both eyes continued to decline. Finally, his right eye became blind, his right face became prominent, and his skull became deformed and enlarged. He also suffered from headache, nasal congestion, breathing difficulties and cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. Earlier this year, Mr Zhang and in the family down to Beijing escort, visited Beijing several large hospital, has made several pathological analysis, experts consider what he had invasive malignant tumor, tumor size, invasion, and most of the craniofacial bone, obvious thickening deformation of craniofacial bone, surgery has a high risk, no one would dare to try the operation easily.

Three Po brain hospital professor Mr. Wu led his medical team carefully analyzed the cases of Mr. Zhang: in patients with large tumors, hit the craniofacial multiple parts, including double orbital maxillary around, bilateral frontal cranial fossa in the bottom, front, on the right side of temporal bone, parietal, occipital, and the mass is blocked nose, grown from inside the right nostril, operation difficulty is very high, can't a complete tumor resection, decided to divide second stage surgery treatment for him. Twice before operation were removed tumors in areas such as the forehead, head, head, and the erosion of the skull as tumor resection, due to the damaged skull thickness up to twice the normal blood supply is rich, the procedure is very difficult, with two pieces of large titanium plate after skull removal will be huge to repair skull defect (titanium plate in advance by computer design good shape), with 16 special titanium nail fixed edges. The third operation ligated the right external carotid artery, cut off the blood source, reduced the residual tumor in the skull base and craniofacial position, and created favorable conditions for subsequent surgery. Last - upper lip incision surgery to take on the right side of the nose, exposed right craniofacial bone, removed the huge.cause nasal tumors, tumor with a hard bone, basic general method of root cutting, can only use drill bit of grinding, operation is extremely difficult, lasted more than eight hours to complete, this kind of surgery is very rare in otolaryngology.

titanium sheet for medical

Professor woo said the patient's brain tumour was so large it was the biggest operation he had ever had in his career. The patient has been malnourished for several years and the body's resistance has been very poor. Besides, the blood supply of the tumor is very rich, the bleeding is large, the surgical wound is large, and the titanium plate foreign body is implanted in the brain, so the control of postoperative infection has become the key to the success of the operation, the whole operation is very high for the doctor.