Seamless Zirconium Tube

Seamless Zirconium Tube
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Pure Seamless Zirconium Tube, zirconium seamless tube Zr1/ zr2

1. Zirconium brand; ZR60702 ZR60705

2. Zirconium standard; ASTM B658 GB / 26283

3. Zirconium pipe specifications; Φ 6.0-108 - mm * wall thickness (1.0 4.5 mm) * long (2000-6000 - mm) cold rolled seamless tube

Φ more than 110 * (1.0 8.0 mm) * (1000-2000 - mm) welded pipe

4. Application: used in petroleum, chemical industry, salt making, pharmacy, metallurgy, electronics, aviation, aerospace, Marine and other related fields.

5. Zirconium pipe processing specifications

Length: 12000 cm or less

Outer diameter: Φ 6-108 - cm

Delivery time: according to the quantity of customer demand

Straightness: 3mm/M

6. Zirconium tube flaring test

Zr-1 zirconium pipe used for heat exchange shall be used for flaming test. The tool with 60 degree taper of the top core shall be used for flaming. When the expansion rate of the inner diameter of the sample after flaming is 15%, no cracks shall be found in the end of the sample.

Ultrasonic examination of zirconium tube

The tubes shall be inspected by ultrasonic inspection. Standard damage (U shape) dimensions and inspection results shall be accepted according to relevant requirements of GB/T 12969.1.

8. Metallographic structure of zirconium tube

The average grain size of recrystallized ZR1 tubes should be no larger than grade 7 in GB/ t6394-2002

Zirconium is a kind of rare metal with amazing corrosion resistance, extremely high melting point, ultra-high hardness and strength. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, nuclear reaction, atomic energy and other fields. Its melting point is 1800 degrees, while titanium's melting point is about 1600 degrees. Zirconia has a melting point of more than 2,700 degrees.

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zirconium tube Zr702

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