Titanium Bar Coin

Titanium Bar Coin
chatta nu
NameTitanium bar coinNumber71
HeavyCustomization (kg/ block)BandTa1,T40...

Physical propertiesColorsilver
Melting point1668℃
Boiling point3277℃
Technical indicatorsParticle uniformityuniform
Degree of finishHigh quality

Product specificationOD3*3mm, OD6*6mm or Customized as required
Production processMelting, forging, drawing and rolling, machining, polishing
Product advantages1.The impurity element content is very low
2.High strength, low density, high hardness, high melting point and strong corrosion resistance; High purity titanium has good plasticit
Product usageSemiconductor materials, sputtering targets, alloy materials and aspirating materials in ultra-high vacuum devices
Supporting materialsProvide copper particles, aluminum particles, titanium particles and other hot evaporation materials

titanium disk for evaporative (3)

wire cutting Ti disc

钛圆 (4)

  The titanium bar coin mainly used for evaporative and for the suface coating. They could be customized as your machine size. 

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