Zr702 Zirconium Wire Coil MIG & TIG

Zr702 Zirconium Wire Coil MIG & TIG
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Parameters of Zr702 Zirconium Wire Coil MIG & TIG, Zirconium wire and Zirconium wire


Brand: R60702, R60704 R60705 Zr1

Standard: ASTM b5500-07

Purity: Zr99.6 density: 6.51g/cm3

Melting point: 1800

Supply status: hard/soft/semi-hard

Size range: customized according to customer requirements

Production process: sponge zirconium - forging - drawing - polished - zirconium wire finished products.

Application: chemical industry, electronic industry. (corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity)

Construction period: customized delivery within 10 days (spot delivery at any time).

Packing method: packing in wooden case with plastic partition, with attachment of material certificate and packing list, the weight of each case should not exceed 100kg.

Freight: borne by the supplier.

Late service: in case of quality problems within the warranty period, the supplier shall assume all responsibilities (within the normal range of use).

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